The Life and Rhymes of an 80s Baby

by JRC

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Presented by Miracole Productions


released August 30, 2011



all rights reserved


JRC Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: N.I.C.E (remix)
Verse 1: Pardon me / But It’s been a long day
I’d like all of ya’ll / But I can only take Tre
‘Cause when it comes to wordplay / your Man’s legit
You must admit
I am the Sugar Honey Iced Tea / Ain’t too many like me
I’m a sure thing / You other rappers are might be’s
So we don’t see eye to eye / And?
I’ll take a muscle bound man / Put his face in the sand
Na / I ain’t write it
That’s just pretty much / how I’d describe it
...Yeah / I’m Shonuff the Shogun
You a hype / You just show up to show one
You was feeling brave / with your guage in the air but,
My crew knocks back / Shave and a haircut
It’s no secret ‘round here / I inspire trends
This is my epilogue / cue the violins

Chorus: Ya'll better think twice / don't roll the dice
'Cause when I'm on the mic / I am just so nice

Everybody can feel my bars / they should be in braille
I know you’re reaching for the stars / but all you spit is stale
I used to be like / man, pac tell ‘em how you really feel
But you don’t get that nowadays / ‘cause these rappers ain’t really real
To most of these rappers / I gotta chuck the deuces
They be spittin’ nursery rhymes / 1,000 mother gooses
A bunch of Dr. Suess’ / see spot run
I sell weight / I got guns
We used to do the humpty dance / now he just taking great falls
I call my girl China / cause man she got some great walls
They didn’t relate ya’ll / But you’ll still ‘Like’
It’s on / I know you always fall for my type
Ya’ll need to roll with me / Look at how I’m doing ‘em
Miracole / E Pluribus Unum
Semper Fi / Even when the tempers fly
I’ma make like a cart / and keep it pushing type of guy

Track Name: No, Wait!
If I just kick a freestyle / and hope they play this
I’ll be acting in the game / Derwin Davis.
Look what they gave us / look what that made us.
And now the balance in the savings couldn’t save us?
I stay fly/ I gotta keep up with the Jones’
No matter what the interest on the loan is.
As long as the chrome is / putting in clockwork/
ETrade in my headrest so I can see my stock worth
And I’m expecting a bull market / like I was selling to the ’91 Champs
So I’ll be making a full deposit/ /cause by the summer I’ll be putting on camps
On how to rap so fresh / walk so free/
make progress / be so…me
If you really want to see what I’m on the path to
Just look to Luke, John, / Mark or Matthew.

Where Brooklyn at, Where Brooklyn at? / No/ wait!
It doesn’t matter we’re in the heart of the OH
If you’re coming to my city / come see me play
Make sure you bring your bluejackets / CBJ
Need we say / if you’re talking ‘bout my Crew
I’m on that Black and Yellow Black and Yellow Black and Yellow ish too!
It’s not really fair / but be clear what follows/
We’re cutting out the squares / shout out to Donatos
I flow the best / you’ll know the ones that I did.
Sounds like dope and fresh / got together like a hybrid
Hi/ Sid!! / Yeah/ I make ‘em Scream
I’m killin’ ‘em / they’re strung out on my words like a feind
I ain’t playing games / but really if you want to bet
Smart money is all in /on Lil’ Reg from Somerset.
The people I represent are sure to keep me relevant
The fact you’re still around / is proof of my benevolence.
Ever since my first bar / I knew I was greater
But patience is a virtue / that I ain’t get until later
I took #1 / and I didn’t save you a piece.
Why you even here / I thought Eric gave you the creeps?

You got your ballin shoes/ with no lace
Ya’ll done dropped the hook/ but ya’ll ain’t have no bait
I am from the great OH…IO
I’m about to show ya’ll some of my style
Meanwhile, I don’t need a cab/ I’ma just ride the bus
That’s a shout out to my city/ tell her that I got a crush
I show her so much love/ it’s almost a disgrace
Gotcha makin the/ “eww/ I smell fish” face
Man your city’s this great?/ Yeah/ if I may speak
I know it can be hot and snowy the same week
My apologies/ but I need ya’ll to remember
I spit hot fire/ and yeah I do be rapping in December
I been one of the coldest/ but thanks for taking notice
Ya’ll don’t need to stand/ ur not welcoming the POTUS/ yet
In 2040/ ya’ll know
I’m making good on my delivery/ and no it ain’t digiorno
Track Name: 80s Fresh
Listen carefully / I’m about to go bananas
I’m talking bee’s knees homey / cat’s pajamas
Like back alley fist fights / with hammers
Ya’ll better get nice / I done up’d the standard
I was once like ya’ll / I used to get some writers block
But now it helps to know / That everything I write is hot
I deserve the title spot / So let’s say
The award goes to me / for hottest me of the decade
For real, I’m proud of ya’ll / and I’ma let ya’ll finish
But your man JRC is the best in the business
What is this, fact? / Yes
Look in my chest / you’ll see I’m blessed to be the best
But to remove all doubt / I’d have to remove all clout
So without further or due / I’ma due me, I invite you
To do the same / If lightning strikes don’t be doubting thunder
They know your name / They know my routing number

After a night of remy / It went down and now you all late
You need to call Kenny / get in good hands with All-State
You feeling safe / but what’s the plan going to be
What protection you got / from MCs going HAM like me
I see why you mimic me / You should be taking tabs
You used to get As in chemistry / Now your breaking bad
Ya’ll done heard I got bank/ money is off the glass
I’m ball hoggin’ player/ I’m waving of the pass
I’m speaking to the mass / I’m clearing out the lane
Should I cross over on the rappers/ or jump shot to fame
I guess it’s all the same / in the end ya’ll see
Greater than, less than / Open end toward me
You make it to certain places / the fool starts to swell
The way I’m roundin’ bases / Feelin like Cool Papa Bell
Ya’ll don’t know my speed / You need to fall back
Before I throw on my Negro League / That’s my all black
Track Name: Good Enough
I ain’t from Time Square, I ain’t from Hollywood
But my hood can’t be denied, Just call it jolly good.
Yeah that was so last century
But, look they’re still all into me.
So, yeah, I’m all that and a bag of chips
You can call that Grippos, because I get those
Foreign cars and the model chicks
And after I whip those, just cut on my TiVo, but yo
Ya’ll don’t have to worry that’s just how I play
You can die hard, homey, Yippi Ki Yay
I am fresh like my first day, ya’ll my leave them thirsty
I leave ‘em famished, depleted and damaged.
Please understand, this is what made me, and
Why, if I might say, I’m quite the ladies man.
It’s not the Mercedez, eh, maybe it is…
Maybe it’s because the watch changes colors like the Wiz.

I don’t care who you con (UCONN), homey I’m not a Huskie
What are you on? None of you rappers can touch me.
I’ma be the dude ‘cause ya’ll always in the kitchen.
Ya’ll rappin like food and I’m feeling like Adam Richman
I’m looking ahead again, back to the future.
You’re living in the past, Wonder Years, Winnie Cooper
You don’t want to battle when I speak, they promise.
Give them a mic and where’s the beef? Dave Thomas!
Your verses are hit or miss, we’re prepared for a take 2
Your turning into Chris, man, everybody hates you.
They don’t like your words, your rhymes are for the birds.
Just the thought of seeing me on a track seems so absurd.
You’re not being yourself, that’s not something that I’m fond of.
Your playing Jamie Foxx but in real life you’re Wanda
I’m going in, ya’ll coming out.
Sagging skinny jeans, removing doubt
Track Name: Do That Dance
This is your man / and we’re living like the huxtables
Traded the jerseys in / for button ups and nuptuals
My cup is full homey / I can’t complain
If I had to do it all again / I’d do it all the same
As long as I do my thing / I’ll be fine
It’s just the rhymes give ‘em goosebumps / RL Stine
Sit back recline / I thought the life would miss me
I left the game / but didn’t leave the game empty
I sewed my seeds / never been a starving artist
So when the famine comes / I can stand up and reap the harvest
I turned my stereo down / leveled my basses out
I kept the groove though / that’s what I can’t live without
I’m march madness / a three point swish
You rappers ain’t eatin / ‘cause you rappers can’t fish
I’ma tell you like this / Your man goes crazy
I can hear the haters / they just don’t faze me

The crowd is never shy / they say they want one more
They want the whole pie / 3.14
We gonna do it my way / It ain’t no two ways
I’m like a King Friday / Ya’ll just Prince Tuesdays
I don’t need to hear the problems that you have with me
Only correct as usual your majesty
While you at it be / Just call me sire
Ya’ll suka MCS ain’t bringin no fire
I’m living like a Pharoah man / Ya’ll went dormant when the stocks feel
It’s like I’m living in the air ol’ man / Norman Rockwell
I’m the highest fliest / do’t ask why just
Know that it is / so when you pass by us
Come in peace/ Or you’re gonna end up restin in it
Every deceision in life / you can prolly learn a lesson in it
Rapiology / the mic I’ve got down to a science
So site back while a navigate the flight / compliance
Track Name: Be the Change
No need in taking blows / I was comin’ in peace dude
Besides, I got that iron flow / my heat would decrease you
Don’t be a stranger / get to know apologies
But guard it like if it got out / the hell you know would prolly freeze
I don’t need to sneeze / God’s already blessed me
I couldn’t pay the whole price/ So I just pay the test fee
In church you’re seeking truth / In life your seeking purpose
Feel like I’m jumpin’ through hoops / Universoul circus
The truth will make you praise / The truth will make you weep and cry
But Sherman Hemsley in a pugh / Don’t make him Deacon Frye
Understand the difference / Know what you believe in
Guard closesly the knowledge that you’re receving
A lot of it’s misleading / Like in Ephishians
Satan goes hard at different times for / different reasons
So while you’re surfing on your iphone / and reading on your kindles
Think who gonna help find a home / for Mr. Wendell

You need to be the change that you need to see
If you don’t see the need that you’re not where you need to be
Be the change, we need to be change. Be the change, we need to be the change.

Some features I refuse / Others you know how I lay down
I’m a lil’ Duncan Pendurhughes / A lil bit of Blade Brown
I’m always a class act though
‘Cause I don’t me messing with the wack flows
You see yourself spittin’ rhymes / That make ‘em leave screaming
But you’re not really there / You’re greenscreening
Ya’ll rappers are jokes / Homey the Clown
I don’t have to let you know / That I ain’t messing around
You know how I get down / You know the verses
I’m just as fresh as I’m is / I can’t rehearse this
Ain’t nobody perfect / But at times my rhymes are flawless
They gun slingin’ high noon / Wild West, lawless
Yeah, you can’t call it / You are not the referee
Yeah I’m ballin’ / But I’ma do what’s best for me
Any my community’s included
Shout out to the heroes in my village / Ya’ll are saluted

I can’t help the feeling, that I’m bound to be the next up
But first I need a healing, where’s the pool of Bethesda?
I am more pleasure and fun, like doublemint gum
I keep the flygirls moving, SW1
I’m just working my angles / I don’t do no hating
But some of ya’ll are really anglos / that’s just been beijinged
The cover don’t match the book / you say it’s a battle now
But you’re really not deep / look these cats are shallow hal
It was all good, until the cash flow ran thin
Now you really feeling, like singing the crows anthem
Can’t win with a stacked deck
So might as well be as black, as black gets
But I don’t mean ratchet, more like the kings and queens of old
Don’t just believe the history ur told, we were bought and sold
To them, we were considered property
So don’t expect the come up, to have been recorded properly
Track Name: Decisions
Check my height and my jabs to the right
In the ring I’m like a skinny Iron Mike
Plus, I’m Iron on the Mic, with more heart than most
If you’re all about your bread, then you’re just easier to toast
I’m about to roast. Raise your glasses for the tipsy speech
And prepare to hear the whole truth, Wikileaks
My rhymes would hurt ya’ll.
Kinda like, I’m in the league and ya’ll in the streets tossing nerf balls
I suggest you give the drummer some, get out the gig and run
I call the shows BYU because they always bring ‘em young
They don’t really want it, they don’t want to do this
Ya’ll need a teen summit, call Ananda Lewis
Now you’re giving me the grill, that you don’t want to beef on
If you’re taking shots at me, it better be a Nikon
I ain’t nothing to sleep on, and if I respond
I’m in and out and it’s over, black ops recon
Where have we gone? What road are we on?
Did my GPS defect on my own song?
I kept my eye on the prize, but now the prize is those thighs
At sunrise I got the medal, a night with no ties
This is a tough position, why won’t you nerds listen
I’m only playing games if I’m being Merv Griffin
And that’s not like me, ‘cause that’s not likely
And these are the decisions that I don’t take lightly
Uh oh, here we go, again with the ego
I choose to keep my talents right here in the CO
Until a CEO with a whole bunch of zeros
Offers them to me in exchange for me to go
So ‘23’ from me it’s peace, get your bio bigger
F**k that, it’s OHIO n****r
Cold nights and colder days
Now you’ve got a chip on your shoulder, Frito Lay
What more I gotta say, what else must I prove
I’m not here to play, I’ve still got so much to do
One is to forget about what I just told ya
One of those things I guess I need to get over
Since you’re in my galaxy girl I’ma take you on a trip to Mars
Every time we two-step we’re dancing with the stars
In reality you’ll know where you are
‘Cause they be rolling ‘L’s like Latinas be rolling ‘R’s
I was on the 9-5 with wasn’t fast enough for me
So I had to change the plan upgraded to a 4G
Now it’s flowing in and I’m feeling invincible
Until they find out the principal isn’t meeting with their principles
They’re getting obsessed wanna get at me now
But no you won’t test me, Pac/Pacquaio
I simply don’t agree, these answers aren’t for me
So what’s next you’ll have to wait and see
Track Name: Pass the Mic feat. Trymaine
JRC Verse 1: Most of ya’ll rappers actors / Thespians
These labels all games / ESPN
Here at Miracole, we’re making dreams come true
For those who miss the rappers, that we once knew
They hear my new jack swing / and wonder if it’s really me
We got our own thing / heavy diddly dee
I don’t keep it in the news, but my bank accounts are huge
I be swimming in my coin, something like uncle scrooge
I’ma just kill the beat, I don’t reach back for the pistol
Ya’ll dumbies on the short track / Bristol
Really we need to tell it / like it ‘ti-is
Ya’ll know the flows /are the shia-it
I am Webster with these words / that the stuff that I’m on
You’re just another angry bird / with an iphone
Chasing the buck / can be bad for your health
You’re just expecting bad luck / like you’re Thursday the 12th.

Kyd Wonder verse: The ladies love me /when they see me it’s an outpour
They like you’re fly big dog /Falcor
I’m a good guy, clean cut
I used to work for peanuts / now I’m on that King Tut
That means I got the game wrapped like a mummy
Weather man flow / it’s about to rain on you sunny
And I don’t mess with the haters
I’m from the bus boy / like I got promoted to a waiter
Bitin’ my style they just takers
I feel jacked son (Phil Jackson) / like I retired from the lakers
Ya’ll bout to feel the ripple / ya’ll study rubbin nickels
I’m about to get my bucks right / luke fickell
Man I spit that acid / man the game’s fantastic
RIP to the mic / homey closed casket
My one but check flow / is better than your classic
That means I’m better than you /even if I half-assed it
Yeah, I might be up early
Cause the early bird gets the worm / We might get a little dirty
Man, my flow got me sittin’ purty (pretty)
I’m the best hands down / 6:30

JRC verse 2: I’m in the top of my class / you can get Behind me
I’ma get past / shooting for the Upper 90
Focus like I wanna be better / and this is my last job
We gotta be all in together / like a flash mob
In the beginning / what’s really the meaning?
I’m really winning / Ya’ll just Charlie sheenin
I’m droppin these verses / that’s leaving the game feaning
Ya’ll need to pick ‘em up / before it ends up gangsta leaning
I cant let these dirty rotten scoundrels / play ball
I have the power / but I didn’t get it from grayskull
It’s face off / when the MCs wanna battle rap
They been cringer / now all the sudden they battle cat
No matter that or the other / pick your poison
Leave room on the track to put your boys in
Mix it down with all your toys / and box it all pretty
Ya’ll still ain’t making no noise / ya’ll talkin in MIDI
After the show get the dough / rubberband and tally
I put my city on the map / like I was rand mcnally
I recommend you rally / around this Miracole team
We’re making something out of nothing / getting Miracole green
Track Name: Uh, what?!
The phone’s ringin / You’ve already missed it twice
She wanna make it for the kids / fisher price
I’m certain it’s just the man in me
But you walking out the door something I can’t stand to see
You walking back in something like my fantasy
Last night forever why can’t it be
But last night’s history / I’m leaving you now
Get a clue and solve the Mystery encyclopedia brown
When a late night of Joy meets a girl with an ger
This is not your typical boy meets world / Topanga
You’re working on a date / while you’re talking on the phone and
She says she dont want you for her late nights Conan
She gotta body / that got me having special dreams
I kick it off / she returns she’s on my special teams
She never trips when I do layups on the hardwood
Long as when I’m done she can be laid up on my hardwood
So when times get hard would I still be something that would get under
I know I’m #1 / would you make me the lonliest number
Right now my soul’s a window / it’s in pain
Had to close the blinds / so ya’ll couldn’t see the rain
So what she on my phone / At least I ain’t cheatin
Yeah we arguing / At least it ain’t a beatin
I was out / At least I aint repeatin
F it I’m leaving
Now we screaming / sounding like when doves cry
We was dreamin / Now we finding out that love lies
Because I…
Track Name: I'm a Big Deal feat. Veronica Lane
I be where they don’t know / don’t show or don’t care
But with the way I flow / what I know it’s not fair
My advice / You trying to up your networth?
Get off that lease and own / and I ain’t talkin Oprah’s network
Matter of fact / I guess I am
But more grassroots homey / Yes we can
I ain’t talking about the change from AJ and Free
More like the change from Clay to Ali
Focus less on what you get / and more on what you’ve got to give
Less on regrets / more on the life that you’ve got left to live
I got to give it to you / I see you’re trying harder though
But be the glue that keeps it all together / Barbaro
Was that a low blow / my bad
I hope it don’t stick / like most the flows that I have
But when I show my people love / love is what the show me
I’m always one above / My rhymes are hittin’ bogeys

We were sold the American dream / and the new result
We want it all now / like veruca salt
But we been chillin / like damn where the day go?
U been posted at the crib / like a graco
Man / The real slim shady stood up
So why can’t I try to be smart / and raise the whole hood up
Good luck / you know these niggas don’t read
I shouldn’t fill them with hope and dreams / things they don’t need
But Ima sew my seeds / so even if the reaper comes
My tree will bear the fruit / and my people will be reapin ‘em
Most of these cats are clowns / they’re not working with their words
Ya’ll talking nouns / I’m talking verbs
We don’t play games / check where I’m from
Ya’ll ain’t read James / you need to mind your tongue
Ya’ll ain’t hear what I’m saying / so let me lay it out
Ya’ll didn’t play / you just got played out

I hope you’re not offended / I am something like a menace
I became Ms. Lane / but I let you call me Dennis
Just like I know / you might let me climb up in it
Baby I’m a big deal / like underdogs / I win shit
Winning / is what you call it
I call it breathing daily / I’m almost flawless
Princess cut maybe / But I am still dogging
I am still clogging / I like to go dutch
Half and half / like the cream in my coffee
Big deal balling / so haters get off me
haters get off me / haters get off me